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Государственное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение гимназия №66 Приморского района Санкт-Петербурга



Методическая разработка по французскому  языку

для учащихся 11 класса по теме
 «Путешествие по стране изучаемого языка»
( использованием ИКТ, видеоклипов)


Учитель: Троцюк Наталия Викторовна





Урок по теме «Spending time together» в 9 классе, УМК «Enjoy English» с использованием компьютерной презентации


Цели урока:

Практические: Формирование навыков и умений владения учащимися английским языком по теме «Spending time together

Образовательные: - Обучение навыкам диалогической речи по теме.

- Обучение навыкам аудирования через аудио материал.

- Расширение кругозора учащегося.

Развивающие: - Развитие навыков общения по теме «Leisure Time»

- Развитие творческих способностей у учащихся. Воспитательные: - Формирование навыков работы в группе.

- Стимулирование учащихся к самостоятельной работе. Задачи:

- Развитие коммуникативных умений у учащихся по теме «Leisure Time»

- Отработка ключевых разговорных фраз.

- Развитие умений вести обоснованную дискуссию по теме «Leisure Time», основанную на презентации «Spending time together», аудио и видео материале.

Оснащение: - мультимедиа проектор

- магнитофон

- раздаточный материал Языковой материал:

- лексика и разговорные клише по теме «Spending time together» Раздаточный материал: с заданиями по карточки всем видам деятельности на уроке.


Ход урока

I. Организационный момент. Сообщение целей и задач урока.

I am glad to see you. How are you? The theme of our lesson is “Spending Time Together”. You must discuss different forms of entertainment activities, learn to give arguments for and against different opportunities to get entertainment, draw conclusions. Then you must make up you own dialogues about one form of free time activity.

II. Речевая зарядка (на основе выбранной учащимися пословицы по теме урока).

слайд №1

Look at the screen. There are a lot of proverbs and saying about leisure. Read them, please. Let is explain one of them. Find task №1 on your cards. You can use these words.

Use card №1

What do you think this proverb means?

Use: to need some rest

to be good for... stressful to fall ill

to be in a good mood to be tired to recover

What is the best way to recover your strength after work and studies? (to find entertainment to your taste, to have a rest) So people have invented a lot of forms of entertainment.


How can people entertain themselves? Ex. 91 p. 42

III. Презентация и обсуждение различных видов развлечений (слайд-шоу). Аргументация за и против выбранного вида развлечения.

Слайд №2

Слайд №3



Look at the screen and compare the pairs of pictures, answer the questions.


Use card №2


Compare the pairs of pictures

1 пара– What can you see in the picture?

- Which of the two forms of entertainment do you prefer? (block the view of the screen)

2 пара– What can you see in the picture?

- What do you think entertains people who go to amusement parks and sea – life centres?

3 пара- What can you see in the picture?

- Do you think the same person could enjoy himself at both a museum and the rock concert?

4 пара- What can you see in the picture?

- Give you arguments for and against these forms of entertainment

1) How would you choose to spend a quiet weekend?

2) Where would you go if you wanted to have fun?

3) Which is you favourite form of entertainment?


Слайд №4



Do you know any new forms of entertainment activity in our country? (bowling, graffiti, parcour)

parcour – when people overcome obstacles in a city an graffiti – when people draw on the walls of houses and fences.

Use card №3

Is graffiti a good entertainment?


Graffiti is cool! Graffiti is another form of art and many people enjoy looking at it. Young people should be able to express their feelings with graffiti without being arrested or fined.


If people want to draw, they should do it on paper. Graffiti makes the streets ugly and it makes lots of work for street cleaners. Graffiti costs the city of London 100 million dollars a year. Transport companies spend 6 million dollars cleaning graffiti off trains and buses.

What do you think?

Are you for or against? Prove.

Is graffiti popular in your city?

Read two opinions about graffiti; Which of the two opinions do you share? Why? What can you add to these opinions? (Local governments should give the special places to teenagers to express their feelings and individuality).

IV. Мини-дискуссия«What your free time depend on».



It is interesting to know what leisure depends on?

How do you think?

Look at the screen and compare your answer with mike.

How does leisure depend on money? (life style? mood? character?)

V. Комментированиеисравнениеграфиков«How British teenagers use their time» и«How our classmates use their time». Обобщение результатов, выводы.


Слайд №6


Now look screen. You can see the chart “How British teenagers use their time”. Let is comment on the chart, then compare it with the chart you have done for your class.


Use card №4


Questions to the first chart.

1) How long do British teenagers sleep?

2) How much time do they spend on school and homework?

3) How much time can they spend on leisure?

4) What is the most popular free time activity?

5) What is on the second and on the third places?

Questions to the second chart.

1) How much time have your classmates got for free time activities?

2) What is the most popular entertainment activity in your class?

3) Who spend more time on the free time activities-your classmates or British students?

4) Who spend less time on homework? (on school? )


Let’s draw a conclusion. You should appreciate your free time and don’t waste it because the most part of your life you spend on sleeping and studying?


Слайд №7



Unfortunately some teens have nothing to do in the free time.

How do they spend their leisure time in this case?

Look at the screen and answer the question.

Is it boring for you to hang out in the mall?

Is it interesting to real glamourous magazines?

What do you think, about this lifestyle?

(It is a waste of time! It can lead to crimes, alcohol, drugs)

Fortunately students in your class know how to spend their free time.


VI. Автоматизация новой лексики 1) на основе упражнений на перефразирование и в микродиалогах с подстановкой новой лексики 2) на основе видеоматериала (описание увиденного с помощью новой лексики) 3) на основе аудиоматериала (прослушивание аудиокассеты с диалогами и заполнение пропусков в диалогах).


Let’s remember our new words and expressions to be ready to make up your own dialogues about one of your favourite entertainment.


Use card №5


Match the words with their definitions


to encourage

to look like smb

to feel like doing smth

to hand

to be delighted

to be stressed out

to cheer on

to pick up

to drop by

to be beyond all expectations





to share to

be great

to give

to shout to support

to take

to come for a moment

to want

to resemble

to be much better then somebody expect

to promise something good

to be very glad

to understand an to accept

a trick when a stuntmen drive a motorcycle on one wheel

 a skilful action that someone does in order to entertain people

to feel tension

to be gorgeous


Use card №6


Fill in the gaps and act out the dialogues

Use the words and phrases in the box to complete the dialogues. Act them out.

feel like: beyond all expectations: match: drop in to pick you up: stressed out: gorgeous: like my grandmother.

1 — How did you like the jazz band?

— Oh. they were________________________! They usually perform very well, but that show


2 — Shall we plan the coming weekend? How would you like to spend it?

— I don't really _ going out. It has been a hard week, and I


How about a barbecue in the country then?

— That would be lovely!

3 — You look great in that dress. Are you going to wear it to the party?

— By no means. It doesn't ___________________ the colour of my hair. And it's out of fashion.

can't you see?

It seems trendy enough to me...

— You sound ____________________________________ No. I'll be wearing jeans.

OK. I'll ______________________ at 6 p.m.


Complete the dialogues. Listen to the tape and compare the dialogs from the tape with your version.


Use card №7


a) As if you had been to the auto show

Harry: Hi! How was the weekend?

You: Great! I was at the auto show.

Harry: Were you? What was it like?

You: It was a great show! There were stuntmen there. They performed fantastic tricks.

Harry: Stuntmen? What were they doing?

You: ...

Harry: And what is a "wheelie"?

You: ...

Harry: Yeah, I've seen something like that on TV. And there were different makes of cars in the

show, weren't there?

You: Not in the show but after it...

Harry: If you happen to hear about the next auto show, let me know, will you?

You: ...

b) As if you are invited to see the auto show

Jason: Doing anything special this weekend?

You: No, why?

Jason: How about going to the auto show? I've got two tickets.

You: Auto show? ...?

Jason: No. it's not like car races (гонки). It's when stuntmen drive cars and do different dangerous tricks, like driving through fire or doing "wheelies"

You: ...?...?

Jason: Yes, it is dangerous and stuntmen are courageous people. They often perform the dangerous tricks the real actors in the films can't do. And a "wheelie" is a trick when they drive a motorcycle on one wheel. So are you going or not?

You: ...


Act out the dialogues


VII. Создание речевой ситуации с помощью видеоматериала «The Rock concert». Обсуждениеувиденного(выполнениезаданиянакарточках). Созданиесобственныхдиалоговвгруппах1) as if you had been to the rock concert 2) as if you are invited to see the rock concert.


View a video sequence. Answer the questions.


Use card №8


The Rock Concert.

Before viewing

1) Do you enjoy listening to rock or other kinds of music ? Why?

2) Have you ever been to the rock concert ?

3) What are your favourite rock bands ?

4) Should you put on any special clothing on the occasion ?

After viewing

l) Describe your feelings at the concert.

2) Can a rock concert give you energy for many days ahead ? Express you opinion 3) What was the audience reaction ? 4) What can you say about special effects ? 5) How did you enjoy the performance?


VIII. Подведение итогов урока. Домашнее задание (заполнить пропуск в стихотворении «Nothing to do», ответить на вопросы и написать стихотворение с противоположным значением на основе данного).


Use card №9


Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

Slow, understand, down, hair, get, me, nothing, go, boring, something, me, queue, find.


There's nothing for me in this town,

Everywhere I go people put me__________

There's nowhere to go and _________ to see,

There's nobody here to think about___________

Nothing to do... No, no... nothing to do

My parents say 'Why don't you ___________ somewhere?

Why don't you _________ a job? Why don't you cut your____________?

Someone somewhere has got ___________ for you,

go and ____________ a job, go and stand in the____________.

Nothing to do... No, no... nothing to do

My parents talk, but they don't__________________

There isn't anything for _________________ in this land.

Everyone everywhere every time says 'No.'

Life here is _____________ ,life here is______________

Nothing to do... No, no... nothing to do

-Do you agree with the author?

-Is life boring for you?

-Do your parents ask you the same questions?

-Do they understand you?

-Can you change some words to get a poem with the opposite meaning?

-You can begin like this: There is a lot for me in this city

Everywhere I go people meet me, etc.


Список использованной литературы:


1 М.З. Биболетова "EnjoyEnglish" Титул Обнинск 2002

2. В. Мещерякова «Я люблю английский. Развивающая методика английского языка»

Москва Чистые пруды 2006 Библиотечка «Первого сентября». Стр 26-29

3. Е. С. Музланова «Использование компьютерных презентаций на уроках английского языка» English№ 12 2006 г. стр. 13-16

4. Абакумова Л.В Английский язык. 9 класс. Конспекты занятий по курсу «Дети и молодежь в англоязычных странах: жизнь, проблемы, права и обязанности»: элективный курс. Волгоград Учитель, 2006 г. стр. 85-126


Экспресс-курс "ОСНОВЫ ХИМИИ"


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